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Beyonce Music Videos

Beyonce is known for her upbeat music and unique style which definitely shines through in her music videos. She was initially a part of Destiny’s Child which was immensely popular and released videos like Survivor , 8 days of Christmas , Lose my Breath and Say My Name among others. Soon after they broke up, Beyonce began her solo career which was widely appreciated. Her first video as a solo artist was Crazy in Love which was an instant hit.

Other famous videos include Beautiful Liar which featured another popular singer as well. This video proved that Beyonce could not only sing beautifully but also dance as well. She made belly dancing seem easy and inspired young children to take up the dance form as well.

Beyonce is known to incorporate fashion into her videos on a frequent basis. A minute into the video of Single Ladies proves this point. The black and white background definitely complements her flexible moves and the simple outfits enhance the elegance of the entire video. During a recent talk show, Beyonce confirmed that she was inspired by Bob Fosse and used his style to create the entire look of the video. She said she saw the choreographer’s video on a popular video website which helped her to create the moves and vibe of the music video.

A large number of Beyonce’s videos feature Jay Z including Crazy in Love , Déjà vu and Bonnie and Clyde . The duo received a nomination during the Grammy awards as well. The fact that her albums are a success definitely contributes towards the success of her music videos as well. Due to these reasons, Beyonce has come to be known as one of the most popular and marketable artists in the industry today. Apart from music, Beyonce has also tried her hand in movies and product endorsements. Her first film was Carmen: A Hip Hopera in 2001 and 5 years later, she bagged the lead role in Dreamgirls and went on to win two nominations during the Golden Globe awards. To top it all, she also own a fashion line House of Dereon which was launched in 2004.

As a Beyonce fan, the good news is that her videos are not only easily available but can also be watched for free. This is made possible with the help of websites like YouTube. One can also download her videos with the help of iTunes and Torrent. Recently, she announced a $250000 prize for a fan who could come up with a music video inspired by Single Ladies which would then be shown during her tour.

Keeping in mind her acting career, endorsements and of course her widely popular music videos, Beyonce is definitely on her way to become a legend. She has become a household name and VH1 features at least one Beyonce video on a daily basis. Her tours have always been sold out and have been immensely successful. The best part about her videos is that they are not based on a particular storyline like other music videos. They are simple and focus primarily on dancing and having fun.

About the Author: Beyone Music Videos have an integral element of fashion in them . To watch all Beyonce music videos vist us online.

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Reasons Why You Should Watch TV on the Web

Our society is moving into ever increasing reliance on the Internet. Even businesses are finding renewed success on the World Wide Web. So substituting the old boob tube for television over the Internet may not be so far fetched. In fact, the number of people getting their daily dose of TV on the Internet is steadily growing.

Can you imagine watching your favorite TV shows from anywhere in the world, and at anytime you want? This is the promise of Television on the Internet. No longer confined to the old boob tube, more and more people are discovering the many advantages that online TV has to offer. But the question remains: should you jump on the TV bandwagon?

A Wide Range of Benefits

Online television promises to provide a number of benefits. Most notably: being able to watch TV when and where you want. This is because all you will need to watch TV online is a computer and Internet connection. You are not restricted to scheduled programming either since you are given the freedom to select whatever show you want at a whim.

The cost of online TV is also far cheaper than traditional paid Television. There are many free providers on the Web. However, paid TV services for a small setup fee can truly maximize your television viewing experience. The value you get quite exceeds what you pay for.

Diverse Variety of Content

Where else can you get up to 3000+ television channels to choose? Television on the Internet far surpasses what traditional cable and satellite TV has to offer. Cable or Satellite TV can give only around 300+ channels at the most. Online TV users not only have a very rich variety of content to watch, but also has access to television spanning the globe. Web television gives you access to TV programming from hundreds of countries. Experts and globetrotters wouldn’t have to miss their favorite shows wherever they may be.

A Glimpse of Things to Come

Since the Internet is a true two way medium, we may yet see the full potential of Television on the Internet. Already, users are sharing links, creating communities, and participating in lively forums about their favorite shows on the Net. And soon, commercial breaks could be a thing of the past. Ads will always be there, but sponsors will find plenty of non intrusive and more effective ways to advertise on the Internet TV platform.

Television on the Internet is a truly global medium to access information and entertainment. It offers many advantages over traditional cable and satellite TV broadcasting at a fraction of the cost. If you want to save money while getting a huge selection of Television shows from around the globe then this is definitely for you.

The biggest reason to watch Television on the Internet is to eliminate expensive TV subscription costs. There are many free Internet television providers whose channels line up far surpasses what cable/satellite TV can offer. Even those paid Internet TV providers (with even bigger TV offerings) would only ask for a small one time setup fee. Total costs are just a fraction compared to what you pay annually on cable/Satellite subscription.

About the Author: Jonny Penn has been an online entrepreneur since 1995. He is also a sports official for college baseball & basketball. Jonny loves the World Wide Web and continues to hone his skills as an internet marketer and article writer.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

How to Decorate Your Events Venue

Events are frequently used to showcase a company’s talent and the décor used often reflects a company’s culture and style. For this very reason companies invest hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in events and require meticulous planning and attention to detail. To decorate such high profile event planners need to look at a number of key areas.


Events are held for a variety of reasons ranging from charity events to award shows but in each case the décor and design should follow a strict theme. The theme should be related to the events purpose and be in keeping with your company’s belief and ethos. As a planner you should try to convey a clear message through your desi
gn. Many planners identify their theme after they have clearly set the goals and objectives of the event. Popular themes include Rome and James Bond.

Time of Year

Season plays an important role within event planning as your décor, design and setup will be greatly affected by the weather. Traditionally event popularity peeks in the summer as the weather is warm and planners can embrace the natural sun light and warmth. Decorations and light can be used to give a feeling of warmth in the winter.


Decorations are key to the look of an event and should follow the theme you have identified above. Planners often spend the majority of their budget in this area as they can be perceived to have the biggest visual impact. Table decorations and chair covers for events tend to be some of the most popular types of decoration. Planners also put a big emphasis on banqueting chair covers. These small touches all help add to the atmosphere and provide a fun atmosphere for your guests.

Venue Size

The size of the venue will play a huge role in the decorations you plan to use. Large venues will require much larger decorations to help fill the space while smaller venues will need more subtle ones. Again the theme will play a large part in this. Planners should also look into the shape of a venue as some venues offer awkward spaces to work with. If the space is compartmented then it might be worth while using some variations in the theme from area to area. This makes each area unique and exciting. The decorations in your venue should engage your audience and add to the overall experience.

When decorating any events venue the majority of a planner’s time should be put in to planning and research. Finding decorations that will suit your event takes time and taking the time to visit various suppliers usually pays off. The internet is a popular resource for finding such suppliers and you may have to go to extra lengths to find the perfect decoration. Most suppliers will also offer bulk discount on items and you can often negotiate with them. Remember to follow your plan carefully and review the areas mentioned above.

Author Resource:->
James Dane - Writer for the entertainment industry and specialist designer of banqueting chair covers
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Why we Love Horror Movies?

Jason Voorhees

We enjoy seeing people run for their lives. Unfortunately some people have a real sick predilection to see blood, human blood and seemingly the more the better. As sick and twisted as it is this is one of the realities of our movie going experience. Others enjoy seeing people loose their heads, pun intended. As long as ours remain intact, all is well in the world.

The Bad Guys

Where would the horror movie genre be without one of the craziest guys to ever don a hockey mask such as Jason Voorhees or better still, if John Carpenter hadn't given birth to such a Jacko' (Sorry) I mean wacko like Michael Myers? Or even the masterfully written and intriguing Jig Saw in the Saw series who happens to be one of my favorite "boogie men". Or how about Jack Nicholson's horrifying performance in Steven Kings "The Shining". But if I had to throw a monster in that mix, and grant it this next selection is female, I would have to say that the "highly over protective" alien from the movie Aliens deserves to be in the conversation. The movie and its villainous Alien is certainly one of the chief reasons the movie remains a favorite of most lovers of the genre. It's certainly pretty high and green on my list.

But...Wait don't go in the closet!

Something that most moviegoers will never understand is why so many times the heroine in a horror movie whenever hearing some kind of strange noise coming from maybe her downstairs of her home or from her closet she always has to investigate. In real life, the average person wouldn't hesitate getting out the house if they thought there might be someone in their home. But truthfully, if it weren't for this obvious character flaw we the moviegoer wouldn't enjoy the same level of interaction with the movie's characters. And as long as the characters in the horror movies continue to do really stupid things we the moviegoer will continue to enjoy telling them about it.

So... Would you like some cheese with that sir?

Filmmakers have collaborated for years in making some of the best horror movies you can think of, many of which if I mentioned you would have probably seen and undoubtedly enjoyed. But over the course of that same period many lousy or what some would like to term "cheesy" horror movie have also been made. Movies like Motel Hell, Hellraiser or The Exorcist Part 2 just to name a few. I'm sure if you were to name some of the cheesiest horror movies you've seen I wouldn't be too surprised at some of your selections either.

I personally love horror movies so much and have been watching them since I was a small child that I have more of a tolerance for a bad or "cheesy" horror movie then most. Movies like "The Trilogy of Terror", I think I was about twelve or thirteen when first seeing this "cheesy" movie but many years later it still resonates with me as one of the movies that I would enjoy seeing over and over again.

One of the reasons I think for this tolerance is because I understand that the "horror genre" unlike some others, lends itself more to real bad stories and even worse acting. If you were to take stock of many of the movies you've seen over the years and just briefly thought about what percentage of those movies were bad and of those how many were horror movies, I think you would manage to prove my point perfectly.

I think as a lover of horror movies you understand that going in that there is a huge possibility that despite the movie's title and the appeal of its trailer that after the curtain opens a hour and half to two hours later you could leave out of the theater feeling not so good about how you just spent your time.

True lovers of the genre are just happy they had another chance to take part in the entire experience, such as it is.

Sidney R. Shannon is the creator of ScaryMovieMania the net's number one stop for all things relating to the horror movie genre. When you dare to "take a walk on the wild side" and subscribe to my blog for more great articles like this I promise to keep you on the "cutting edge". If you like to distribute this article on the internet you may do so as long as you do not alter the contents and the link remains in place. Copyright Sidney R. Shannon

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Gear-Up Your Business to Success with GPS Insight

Where can you get the most accurate, objective, and unbelievably informative insights for successfully managing your business? If you are into service and trucking business, you can now make money-spinning and sound management decisions based on precise and dependable measurement tools such as GPS (Global Positioning System). With GPS, innumerable ways of achieving efficiency, waste identification, and cost-reduction run at your fingertips. How do you achieve these goals? What is GPS and what business options can it provide?

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a radio-navigation system that uses a constellation of between 24 and 32 Medium Earth Orbit satellites that transmit precise microwave signals to GPS receivers and thus provides reliable positioning, navigation, and timing services to civilian users continuously. The availability and accuracy of the Global Positioning System (GPS) offers increased efficiencies and safety for vehicles using highways, streets, and mass transit systems. Many of the problems associated with the routing and dispatch of commercial vehicles is significantly reduced or eliminated with the help of GPS. This is also true for the management of mass transit systems, road maintenance crews, and emergency vehicles. For anyone with a GPS receiver, the system will provide accurate location, speed, direction and time in all weather, day and night, anywhere in the world.
On the other hand, a GPS tracking unit is a device that uses the Global Positioning System to determine the precise location of a vehicle, person, or other asset to which it is attached and to record the position of the asset at regular intervals. The recorded location data can be stored within the tracking unit, or it may be transmitted to a central location data base, or internet-connected computer, using a cellular (GPRS), radio, or satellite modem embedded in the unit. This allows the asset's location to be displayed against a map backdrop either in real-time or when analyzing the track later, using customized software.

Let's focus now on your vehicle-based venture. An enhanced GPS service preference is now available for gearing-up your business. GPS Insight, a hardware and web-software vehicle-tracking product, combined GPS, wireless networks (AT&T/T-Mobile), internet access and Google Earth to generate detailed reports of vehicle locations, driver activities and driving habits that were not previously practical to track. These reports concisely display trip times, stop times, as well as their averages and variances, which identify specific areas to drill down. Consequently with GPS Insight vehicle tracking system, exact locations, times, and activity can be verified, such as the 3-hour stop at a particular area or establishment. Other types of reports quantify who is speeding, how long various vehicles are used throughout the day, vs. payroll hours, when vehicles are used outside of normal business hours, whether or not the prescribed route is taken, and how many miles/hours are spent driving in each state, for simplified fuel tax reporting purposes.

If you are the General Manager or business owner, GPS Insight relaxes your concerns for a sound night cap. You’d feel as if you didn't just procure this remarkable product, you've also forged a successful partnership with GPS Insight. If you're working in the field you need the best equipment and tools. If you are working with the vehicles to make business happen, the best and the most precise tool is the right one. Precise time is crucial to a variety of economic activities around the world. They all rely on precision timing for synchronization and operational efficiency. GPS Insight reduces uncertainty on many quantities in an economical manner, it qualifies as a very effective measurement instrument, making it absolutely necessary.

At the GPS Insight website, the software/product offered online is very easy and friendly to use. GPS Insight support wiki for customers provides support information, helpful tips, and general information about the GPS Insight product. The helpfult customer service you get when you call with questions or concerns makes the whole package favorably friendlier. The units you order will reach you up-and-running in less than a day or as early as the next day! They ship same day when paying by credit card, and have plenty of inventory. Most other GPS providers will take up to 60 days to perform a credit check, program your units, set up your account, and so on. GPS Insight streamlined process gives customers the rapid response they often require to solve problems with their fleet using GPS tracking.

GPS Insight cost $1.50 - $2.00 per day per vehicle, and your company gains from fuel savings, routing efficiencies, and streamlined vehicle maintenance, elimination of possible accidents, no more labor paid when people aren't really working, and more. And Yes! For orders of $2,000 or more, (4 units, typically), GPS Insight offer a lease at competitive rates, and have the paperwork complete within 3-4 days. You can still lease their product and be up and running within the week! GPS Insight provides a 30-day money back guarantee, and offers free trials for qualified companies. They do not bind you with long contracts, either. Live demonstrations can be happily given in their offices, at your location, or via WebEx presentations.

It is better hardware – GPS Insight is the only company which includes engine diagnostics (engine light status/fault codes, real speeds, real odometer readings, real idling/RPM & actual fuel consumption/MPG) with its baseline product, no hidden fees, no commitment to a long contract, and the best mapping available. The Blog for GPS vehicle tracking provides detailed illustrations, feedback, reports and other relevant specifics to keep you tracked and well-informed.
GPS Insight provides intuitive and powerful reports and graphs:
  • Speeding
  • Engine Diagnostic Fault codes/alerts
  • Begin/End of day report (compare to payroll)
  • Off-Hours Reports/Alerts
  • Landmark Reports (by landmark or by vehicle)
  • Detailed and Summary activity reports
  • Miles Per Gallon / Fuel Consumption report
  • Stop reports with configurable idle stop times
  • Idle time report using engine diagnostic data
  • Service log with scheduled service alerts
  • Accurate odometer, speed, diagnostic fault codes, emissions
  • Compliance, and fuel usage/MPG from the engine's computer
  • Scheduled email reports/graphs, and automated alerts
More importantly, GPS Insight product improves amazingly fast – taking input and feedback from customers and expanding capabilities, functions, and completely new areas on the website on a regular basis. All of these requests and enhancements, combined with the best in recent technology and mapping, are what makes GPS Insight rise above the others. Get hold of GPS Insight and you will get hold of such outstanding product and support.

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Stay Hard and Longer - Take Sinrex

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Arundo Donax - How to turn a bog plant into a serenade

I began playing the clarinet when I was 11 years old, back in 1984, after many months of pestering my parents. Although I wasn't particularly good when I started, I loved the look and feel of the instrument and I persevered, and I finally ended up as a music student at Leeds University with the clarinet as my first instrument. I didn't find the notes that hard when I was a kid; I could produce a tune without too many tears, but my tunes just didn't sound very nice until I'd got to about grade 6. A lot of young players experience the same problem, and the problem is really twofold- 1) producing a beautiful sound takes lots of practice, and 2) producing a really beautiful sound depends on your reed.

What a Reed is All About

If you don't play a reed instrument you may well be wondering what I'm talking about, so I'll explain a little bit here. (For the already initiated, feel free to skip this bit!)

A clarinet is fundamentally a tube which is approximately 2 feet long; in fact it's the same length as a flute or an oboe. The flute has a small hole which you blow across. This makes the air inside the tube start vibrating, (like if you blow across the top of a bottle and hear a note). The oboe and the clarinet, however, use reeds. These are small bits of cane, (or sometimes plastic), which are attached to the top of the instrument. The cane goes in your mouth and you make it vibrate with your lips and jaw; this sets the column of air vibrating, and hey presto a note sounds. (It's very hard to describe how you actually do this because it all happens inside your closed mouth!) You can't play the clarinet (or the oboe or bassoon) unless you have a reed attached to the top, and these essential bits of kit have, unfortunately, quite a short life span. How long a reed lasts depends on lots of things, like how often you play, what brand you're using, and even what the weather's like. (It's a natural material so it's affected by the humidity of the atmosphere).

The Reed you really Need

So now you know you need a reed, off you pop down to your local music shop, or find one online. The first question they'll ask you is what kind of reed do you need? Narrowing it down to just "a clarinet reed" won't get you very far. You have to specify the strength of your reed. And choose a brand. And choose one of a range of reeds within that brand. And how many do you need to buy?

So how can a little bit of cane be so diverse and complicated? How can you possibly choose?! Let's take a look at the first dilemma: Strength.

Reeds are categorised by their thickness, and given a grading from 1 to 5, including half grades. Basically speaking, the thicker the reed, the more difficult it is to produce a note, but the nicer the note will sound. So, if you are a beginner, (and therefore in possession of relatively weak jaw muscles compared to a veteran), you should choose a low number, known as a "soft" reed. Around 1.5 would be good, but go for a 1 if the 1.5 is too difficult to blow on. As you get better, you'll gradually be able to progress to thicker reeds (known as "hard"). To get a decent sound, you need to be playing on a minimum 3.5, and most professionals will be playing on 4.5 to 5s. Personally, I play on a 3.5. OK, let's move on to brand and product:

In the UK there are mainly 2 companies battling it out in the clarinet reed field, and they are Vandoren and Rico. I'll try to make a comparison between them, since your basic purchasing decision will be between these two brands. Here's what Vandoren say about their standard B flat clarinet reeds:

"The most widely played reeds in the professional world."

And here's what Rico claim about their most similar product:

"The world's most popular reed." One thing you may be able to deduce from this is that Vandoren reeds are better and also more expensive. They produce a better tone for professionals, who are more picky about these things than amateurs. However, there are many more amateurs piping away in their bedrooms on a Sunday afternoon than there are professionals, and they tend to choose Rico, so they can't be all bad.

Here's how the prices compare from 2 reputable online firms, for a box of 10, (the normal number you get in a box).

>From Rico Reeds cost £8.50 and Vandoren cost £11.00

>From Rico cost £6.25 and Vandoren cost £10.25

Rico are well ahead in the tasty price league, so why is it that all these professionals are choosing Vandoren? It really boils down to the sound that comes out when you blow, which to the professional is the only major issue. For us mere mortals though, there are another couple of points to consider- how many of these 10 newly purchased reeds actually work properly, and how long will one last before I have to change it? I've played on both these brands of reeds over the 20 and a bit years I've been playing this instrument, and I believe that Rico are more consistent in the strength grades they put in the box, and they last for the same length of time as Vandoren's, but whereas a box of Vandoren sometimes produces a really stunning beautiful reed, a box of Rico never does.

When you buy a box of reeds, it is quite normal to find that some of them just won't work. This is rather annoying, (especially if you're paying more than a pound a piece), but it's a fact of life. The cane is rigorously tested by both companies, and left to mature for a considerable time, but nothing can stop the cane from becoming slightly modified once it's been packaged up in its box. My personal average from Vandoren is 50% usable reeds per box, while Rico usually gives me 7 or 8 that are playable. So, in effect, they work out even cheaper than you'd bargained for. I think that Rico's testing technology is perhaps superior to Vandoren's, to produce these results. They are more effective at eliminating inferior cane earlier in the process, before it actually gets in the box. In my mind there is no doubt that Vandoren Reeds sound better, but the large difference in price is not justified by the small difference in sound. Going back to my earlier point about the quality of!

my early attempts at the clarinet, I should point out that playing on the correct strength of reed, (and one that isn't too old), will ensure an acceptable sound from anyone. So how to find the correct strength? Read on!

How Strong is your Jaw?

Rico Reeds come in strengths 1-5 (not all brands do). If you're a complete beginner, buy a 1, a 1.5 and a 2. (You can buy reeds singly, both online and in shops. Some shops let you try the reed out before you buy it just in case it's a duffer (see above), but not all of them.) Try the 2 first. If you produce a sound quite easily and without pain, congratulations! You've found the right strength. If you find it takes lots of breath to get a note and you can hear air escaping from the side of your mouth as you blow, the reed is too hard. Try the 1.5, and repeat the process. Remember that with clarinet reeds, the only way is up! When you have been playing on your 1.5 for some time, try the 2 from time to time. Don't play for too long, as your jaw will tire easily and you may bite into your bottom lip. If this happens, your mouth will be too sore to play until it's healed, and you'll have to start with a softer reed again. Gradually increase your playing time, until you can play on the 2 with no problems. Then move on to the 2.5, and repeat the process.

If you stick with a softer reed once your jaw muscles have become stronger, your sound will deteriorate. Playing on a soft reed produces a buzzy kind of tone and can sound flat. Higher notes on the instrument are more difficult to reach with a softer reed, which is another reason why you need to climb that reed ladder! Sometimes reeds are a little bit too hard or a little bit too soft, without being impossible to play on. You don't have to chuck them away in cases like this, you can "doctor" them slightly to make them more playable: if the reed is too soft, trim a VERY narrow (hair's breadth) strip from the tip of the reed with a sharp knife. Or push another reed between it and the mouthpiece of the instrument, pushing it away from the rectangular hole in the mouthpiece slightly. If the reed is too hard, you can sand it a little. Use a piece of 220-grain sandpaper. Rub just a little, then test the reed- a tiny rub can produce a large difference (which is why they don't always get it right in the factory- it's a precision art!)

Breaking in Reeds

All new reeds need to be "broken in". They won't produce a consistent sound until they've been used a few times. Rico reeds are faster to break in than Vandoren. You need to wet the reed (in your mouth or with water- I prefer my mouth, but Rico advise water, as some people have very acidic saliva apparently, eeww), then play on it for just a few minutes each day, until the sound becomes consistent. It's good to have a few reeds "breaking" as you never know when you'll need a new one.

Replacing Reeds

It's easy to tell when your reed needs replacing- after serving you well for a week or 3 (depends how much you play), one day it'll just sound rubbish, completely different to the last time you used it. Every time it goes in your mouth the reed is getting attacked by various germs and other organisms, and your saliva begins the process of breaking down organic matter ready for your tummy, so it's no wonder that they don't last forever! Another obvious sign that you need a new reed is when you accidentally slice it in half while attaching it to the instrument, a tragically common event. (It's held onto your plastic mouthpiece by metal band called a ligature. This has quite sharp sides and if you're not careful it'll cut right through in one go. Don't worry though, I've never heard of anyone cutting their finger on one!)

Arundo Donax

This is the technical name for the reed plant which Rico and Vandoren use to make their reeds. It grows in India and the Mediterranean, and can get as high as 6 metres tall. If you live in the right climate you can grow it in your garden, but I wouldn't suggest trying to grow and make reeds yourself from scratch, although some fanatics do.....

Other Types of Reed

For the standard clarinet, you will be buying B♭ clarinet reeds. It's unlikely that you would buy the wrong reed size, as this is what 99% of people play on, but just for the record, there are also E♭ and bass clarinet reeds. E♭ reeds are for a smaller instrument, and bass clarinet reeds for a beast of an instrument, so neither will fit. The A clarinet takes the B♭ reed, as it is only very fractionally bigger than the B♭ instrument. (Orchestral players need two instruments, an "A" and a "B♭"; see for more on transposing instruments).

Final Verdict

The Rico clarinet reed is a great choice for the amateur player. They are reasonably priced, reasonably consistent within the box, and produce a nice sound. They are easy to get hold of and excellent value for money, especially if you frequently slice them in half! If you want to get serious on the instrument, you should probably move on to more expensive reeds from Vandoren.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Make Your Own Website

There are plenty of options to make your own website. I will cover a few no cost, easy to set up sites. I will also discuss registering a domain name and choosing a hosting service. A blog is essentially a website but with more functionality and there are quite a few sites that will allow you to set up a blog for free. Make your own website for free, it sounds to good to be true. The trade off with free sites is they will usually display ads on your site unless you upgrade to their paid account option. You can try out a blog host for a couple of weeks and if you like the service you can either live with the ads or pay to upgrade your account. Blogger is one exception they have done away with their ads and it is easy to use with a robust feature set for users of all levels. Another popular option is Wordpress it has a clear interface and powerful features and best of all it is free. Xanga which is also free is one of the most popular blog host providers for teenagers and young adults. Another interesting feature than you can use in conjunction with your Blogger or Wordpress account is Audio Blogger, you can find it at It allows you to create an audio blog by either recording with your web browser or by calling in on a telephone. You can call from your cell phone from anywhere in the world and even interview someone on a conference call. A few years ago who would have have thought you could make your own website and call in audio from your cell phone, to create a podcast that could be heard by millions of people. Audio Blog also allows you to to upload videos to your blog. You can record digital video on your cell phone or webcam and upload it. The only drawback is it is 4.95 a month. If you would like to have more control over your blog you can chose your own domain name and web hosting service. I personally use business hosting from Yahoo! Web Hosting. I chose Yahoo because it is reliable and comes with a free domain name, all you have to do is pay the low monthly hosting fee. It also has one click installation of Wordpress. Hostgator is another affordable service and it is also easy to install Wordpress on their server as well. It has never been easier to make your own website. The reason I think blogs are better than a traditional website is that they have an RSS feed which stands for Really Simple Syndication. It allows readers to subscribe to your blog and easily keep track of new and updated content. Well there you go, I have given you a few options to make your own website. You should have one up and running in no time at all. Drop me a line and let me know how it works out for you.

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A List of Reasons Why You Need to Start a Blog

Blogging is taking the world of journalism and marketing by storm and easily the most influential activity on the internet. A blog is allowing individuals and businesses to post the state of the world, upcoming business promotions and anything personal someone may feel is important.

Think of your blogs as an opinion piece on anything in particular that you may feel is important. Some people have blogs on specific topics or specific areas like a city or vacation spot. Some blogs are set up as a source for highly specialized topics in the news which are often ignored by the mainstream media. Blogs are also tools of internet marketers and business owners promoting a product or service.

It isn’t just computer savvy people either that are starting their own blogs. It’s people like you and me. If you're thinking of starting a blog for whatever reason you want, but aren't quite convinced, think about some of these following reasons why it is a great idea to start one.

  • Simple as can be – If there ever was a better time to start a blog, then this is it. There are a plethora of free blog templates available which are extremely user friendly. The only work you need to do is register then follow a few simple instructions. Even if you have with little or no technical skills, you can still start a blog.

  • Make some money with your blog - Pay-per-click advertising programs like Adsense, and affiliate programs available with and Commission Junction can produce a nice chunk of change in your pocket. The only requirement is you need to have a website or blog.

  • Say something– Blogs are great way to state your point of view and possibly change someone point of view if you’re the kind of person who likes to talk about issues. It’s only a matter of time before you build up steady traffic, and more in-depth discussions among like-minded bloggers and blog readers will take place.

  • Keep in touch – A great and cheap way to stay in touch is to start a family blog. Publish family related newsletters and have everyone can keep in touch via the comments.

  • Make a difference – You have the ability to touch and reach people through your blog. While your traffic might be low at first, given a little bit of time and the right theme, your blog has the potential to reach thousands, even millions of people just like yourself. Blogs are quickly becoming a powerful medium.

  • Express your creativity to the world – You’ll have an outlet for others to see your work if you are an up and coming poet, artist, comedian, or author. You’ll reach more people easier through a blog than normal channels and methods.

  • You're the best – What are you good at? If you think you are the best at something such as model trains, darts, or marketing, don’t be afraid to show everyone. Start a blog for other experts like yourself or offer tips and advice to your readers.

  • Promote your business - Blogging leads to new clients and business opportunities as well as keeps existing customers updated on company news. Promote your latest breakthrough; update existing products changes; and alert customers to future promotions. It will also allow you to receive important feedback on products and services through its comment section.

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Angels Or Devils by DISHWALLA

this is the last time
that I'm ever gonna come here tonight
this is the last time - I will fall
into a place that fails us all - inside

I can see the pain in you
I can see the love in you
but fighting all the demons will take time
it will take time

the angels they burn inside for us
are we ever
are we ever gonna learn to fly
the devils they burn inside of us
are we ever gonna come back down
come around
I'm always gonna worry about the things that could make us cold

this is the last time
that I'm ever gonna give in tonight
are there angels or devils crawling here?
I just want to know what blurs and what is clear - to see

still I can see the pain in you
and I can see the love in you
and fighting all the demons will take time
it will take time

the angels they burn inside for us
are we ever
are we ever gonna learn to fly
the devils they burn inside of us
are we ever gonna come back down - come around
I'm always gonna worry about the things that could break us

if I was to give in - give it up
- and then
take a breath - make it deep
cause it might be the last one you get
be the last one
that could make us cold
you know that they could make us cold
I'm always gonna worry about the things that could make us cold

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Official Music Video of Broken - Seether and Amy Lee Duet

Seether and Evanesence Broken Lyrics

I wanted you to know that
I love the way you laugh
I wanna hold you high and steal your pain away...
I keep your photograph and
I know it serves me well
I wanna hold you high and steal your pain

Cause im broken when im lonesome
And I don't feel right when you're gone away

You gone away, you don't feel me here, anymore

Amy Lee:
The worst is over now
And we can breathe again
I wanna hold you high, you steal my pain away
There's so much left to learn
And no one left to fight
I wanna hold you high and steal your pain

Cause I'm broken when I'm open
And I don't feel like I am strong enough
Cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome
And I don't feel right when you're gone away

Cause I'm broken when I'm open
And I don't feel like I am strong enough
Cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome
And I don't feel right when you're gone away...

Cause I'm Broken when I'm lonesome
And I don't feel right when you're gone...
You gone away, you don't feel me here anymore

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Hinder - Lips Of An Angel Official Music Video

Lips Of An Angel

Honey why you calling me so late?
It's kinda hard to talk right now.
Honey why are you crying? Is everything okay?
I gotta whisper 'cause I can't be too loud

Well, my girl's in the next room
Sometimes I wish she was you
I guess we never really moved on
It's really good to hear your voice saying my name
It sounds so sweet
Coming from the lips of an angel
Hearing those words it makes me weak

And I never wanna say goodbye
But girl you make it hard to be faithful
With the lips of an angel

It's funny that you're calling me tonight
And, yes, I've dreamt of you too
And does he know you're talking to me
Will it start a fight
No I don't think she has a clue

Well my girl's in the next room
Sometimes I wish she was you
I guess we never really moved on
It's really good to hear your voice saying my name
It sounds so sweet
Coming from the lips of an angel
Hearing those words it makes me weak

And I never wanna say goodbye
But girl you make it hard to be faithful
With the lips of an angel

It's really good to hear your voice saying my name
It sounds so sweet
Coming from the lips of an angel
Hearing those words it makes me weak

And I never wanna say goodbye
But girl you make it hard to be faithful
With the lips of an angel

And I never wanna say goodbye
But girl you make it hard to be faithful
With the lips of an angel

Honey why you calling me so late?

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Friday, March 7, 2008

Sports Life - 50 Tips

Fantasy Baseball Dugout are 50 tips that will help you win your Fantasy Baseball League this season. Follow these tips closely to enhance your chance to win your league championship game in 2008 and beyond.

1st Be prepared for the draft. The league is often won or lost at the draft. Try SEOContest2008 too

2nd Stay focused. It's a long season and a lot of players will drop out from sports. If you stay focused on the prize, you'll have a soccer shot.

3rd During the draft, the track positions of your opponents have picked. Knowing this will give you a leg up on strategic picks in later rounds of travel.

4th Go with established players over potential stars. Everybody likes golf to brag about picking up that rookie, but often the hype is bigger than the statistics.

5th In the early rounds, pick the best available running player, regardless of position.

6th Draft stolen bases. A player can be dominant in stolen bases and stolen bases are clearly over-weighted in fantasy baseball. Think Jose Reyes in cycling.

7th Draft closers. Make sure you have one more closer than your nearest competitor. Saves category is an easy to win and another over-weighted category in fantasy baseball.

8th If a player has been traded since last year, re-adjust his statistics based on the park he'll be playing games in his home. Pitchers sent to Colorado, Cincinnati, or Philadelphia, for example, are likely to have not as impressive statistics. Power statistics should go up, however, if a Hitter is traded to these teams. Alternatively, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego, Minnesota and are pitchers' parks and basketball.

9th Some have minimal Leagues statistics to qualify at a particular position, sometimes as little as a single game. I recall Hank Aaron playing second base ounce. If that is your league's rule, you have to look for opportunities like this and you may get the power of walking an outfielder numbers at a position that traditionally rewards defensive prowess biking.

10th Generally, it's not a good idea to pick a catcher in an early round. They sit out too often and usually do not put up huge statistics anyway as tommy bahama said.

11st Do pick positions in early light that are or where some olukai players are head and shoulders above the pack. Chase Utley at second base comes to mind and ecco golf does.

12nd Check out the league's transactions every missy sixty day. This is the only way to stay in touch. Being on vacation is no excuse not checking in your team daily.

13rd Sign up for text message alerts from Google or Yahoo to keep up with fantasy baseball transactions and injuries. This will give you the information quicker than your umi kids competition.

14th Set your internet browser to come up with your emerica league. So, when you sign on to your computer, you'll have the daily summary there and you will not forget to check on your team.

15th If you are no longer interested in keeping a player on your roster, shop him to other teams before cutting him. Do not assume other teams are not interested. You may get some value for him that exceeds what they get in the free yellow box agent pool.

16th If you are a player shopping, however, remember that this is a negotiation. You can not let the other teams in the league know you are shopping this player. Try to cleverly put his name in package deals so that he maintains his value and your opponents will not know they can pick him up for a box of old baseballs and used chewing gum and weebok kids.

17th There are no favorite teams in fantasy baseball.

18th There are no favorite players in fantasy baseball. Take the human element out of it. A player is just a bundle of statistics.

19th Do not move up a guy in your analysis because he got hot in spring training.

20th Do watch the box scores the final two weeks of spring training. This is where jobs are won. You do not want to be a player who drafting the season starts in Pawtucket.

21st If a guy is unusually hot in spring training, try to trade him then. His via spaga value may never be higher.

22nd Every player that is on the major league roster needs to be onex ranked, even the sorry guys.

23rd Do not give away any categories. A championship fantasy coclico baseball team needs to be competitive in every category, especially in 5 x 5 leagues. You can not afford to give up a category and still win the d k n y.

24th Just like regular baseball, starting moschino pitchers can win it for you. Their stats count heavily in four of the five naturalizer pitching categories.

25th Have a few extra starting pitchers in your minor calvin klein league roster. If you play in a weekly league, bring up the guy who is getting two starts that week. Now, bring up my skechers and my puma guy who is facing two opponents that week week.

26th If your league allows unlimited pitching moves, use them. A starting pitcher is of no value to you on the major league lineup when he's not due to pitch for my nike.

27th Do the math on WHIP. I know its a pain, but it's a category that you need to score well in.

28th Go to as many as possible sources for draft. It's the single most important thing you can do to be prepared.

29th Remember that statistics are relative to position played. My Adidas All star statistics are often at catcher for ordinary outfielders or first basemen. The key is to get the best statistics each position.

30th A trade has to work for both teams. Do not make a ridiculous offer and hope you can bamboozle the other manager. He'll be more open to making trades later in the season if you are bringing legitimate offers to him, even if he does not take the first offer.

31st Watch Baseball Tonight! Cut to the wife on your winnings and she will not nag you when you watch it every night ... Maybe.

32nd Get the ESPN Extra Innings Baseball Package. Besides, if you live in the East, there's nothing like listening to Vin Scully on Dodgers local telecasts. He'll give you a lot of fantasy inside tips.

33rd Check not only the statistics, but lineup moves. Lineup moves can mean a lot to your player will only deliver, especially when it comes to RBI. My Mizuno will do the rest.

34th In a daily league move, check your lineup pitcher to see what your players are facing. Start against lefties right handed pitchers and vice versa. The righty-lefty analysis at the major league level is critical and is therefore critical in fantasy baseball success as well.

35th Keep up with injuries. An injured players does you no good in your lineup.

36th Be a contrarian during the draft. When everybody is making a run at relief pitchers, pick up a DH. There's more likely value there.

37th Play in a league where all managers have a history of staying involved. A league is no fun if you have actively participating managers who have given up

38th Play in league with a prize money for at least the top four finishers. This tends to keep players active.

39th In September, pick up on lead teams that are out of it. This is going to be their chance to show what they've got for next season.

40th If your league uses playoffs, remember the adage: there's no tomorrow. If you do not maintain players for next season, a drop pitcher after he's made his last start. He's no longer of value to you otherwise.

41st In traditional statistics Roto leagues, some statistics do not matter. For example, strikeouts be a Hitter do not mean jack. An out is an out so do not worry about picking Adam Dunn.

42nd Look for most sleeper picks beginning in the 16th round. A sleeper is not a sure thing.

43rd Be especially careful in knowing who is going to be a team's closer on the job where teams is up for grabs. You can obtain a significant amount of saves later rounds in this way by knowing who is going to be closing.

44th Starting pitchers are rarely first round material. Then there's Johan Santana and Jake Peavy. Prefer to load up on hitters in the first five rounds, then load up the majority of your starting pitching staff.

45th Avoid young pitchers in the very earliest rounds. They are simply too risky and prone to poor poorer.

46th Look at three year trends on players. Going back any further is useless.

47th Play in a league with old friends. It's a great way to stay in touch.

48th If there's an attractive single girl in your league, get to know her better. She's almost definitely a keeper.

49th Support advertisers on the sites like Fantasy Baseball Dugout. Sites like this one that offer free fantasy baseball advice only survive because of revenue earned from its advertising.

50th When you go to select a game, ever yell down to a player: "Hey Ryan, book on my fantasy baseball team!" Do you really think he gFantasy Baseball Dugout are 50 tips to help you gain your Fantasy Baseball League season. Follow these tips to improve your chances of winning close your championship in the league in 2008 and beyond.

1st Be prepared for the project. The League is often won or lost, as a project.

2nd Stay focused. It's a long season and many players leave. If you are focused on the prize, you have a shot.

3rd During the project, the positions of the opponents have recommenced. Knowledge that you a strategic advantage to start later in the round.

4th To draw more players with potential stars. Everyone loves to brag to gather recruits, but often the effect mode is greater than the statistics.

5th In the first round on the best player available, regardless of position.

6th Design of databases stolen. A player can dominate in the air and the theft of basic fundamentals are clearly weighted in the imagination of baseball. Think Jose Reyes.

7th Project completed. Make sure that you have a different, closer to the nearest competitor. Judgments to win, it is simply another category, and over-weighted in the category of fantasy baseball.

8th If a player has been replaced since last year refocusing its statistics based on the park, there are games to play, his house po Pitchers on the Colorado, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, for instance, are probably not so impressive statistics. Power statistics should increase, but when a rapper acted on these teams. Alternatively, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego, and Minnesota are the mugs' Park.

9th Some leagues have a minimum of statistics on the qualifications for a particular position, sometimes even a single game. I remember Hank Aaron played for a second time. Is that your state of the league, must occasions like this, and you can change the numbers of the energy of a outfielder in a position that the award traditionally defensive capabilities.

10th Normally, it is not a good idea for a receiver in the first round. They are too often to sit and usually do not enormous statistics somehow.

11st Choose early in the light of the positions, or if some player's head and shoulders over the pack. Chase Utley at second base in mind.

12nd Check out the League of transactions daily. That is the only way to stay in contact. As in the holiday is no excuse not to check your team every day.

13rd Subscribe to the SMS notification from Google or Yahoo, to the action of the baseball fantasy and injuries. You will receive information faster than your competitors.

14th Configure your Internet browser to in your league for information. So, if you connect to your computer, you have the daily digest there and do not forget, in your team.

15th If you no longer have to keep a player on your list, shop with other teams before he cut. Do not that the other teams are not interested. You can use a certain value, for him, what you get in the free agent pool.

16th If you have a player with shopping, but do not forget that there is a negotiating position. You can not allow other teams in the league to know that the shopping that player. Try sent his name in arrangements, so that it retains its value and your opponents do not know that they can choose to give it a box baseballs and for the use of old chewing gum.

17th There is no favorite in the imagination of the baseball team.

18th There are no favorites in the fantasy baseball player. Take the "human factor". A player is just a series of statistics.

19th Move a guy in your analysis, because it was in the hot spring in training.

20th Visit the box scores, the last two weeks in the spring in training. That is where the jobs are obtained. They do not want to be the editors of a player who began the season in Pawtucket.

21st If a boy is unusually warm, in spring training, try trading. Its value may never be higher.

22nd Each player, focusing on the most important league file must be evaluated, including the guys sorry.

23rd Not give all categories. A fantastic championship baseball team needs to be competitive in every category, particularly in 5 x 5 leagues. We can not afford to refrain, a category and still win.

24th Like regularly by the jugs can win for you. The statistics count heavily in four of the five pitching categories.

25th Have a little more than mugs from your file in the Minor League. If the game in a weekly newspaper in the league, the boys climb, which this week two runs. Or, the creation of the guy who two weeks ago opponents in the week.

26th If your league allows an unlimited number of pitching moves, use it. A carrier rocket starting point is worthless for you in the range of leagues, if not at a height of about four days.

27th If the calculations on WHIP. I know that it is a pain, but this is a category that you need, highlight po

28th Go to as many sources as possible for the project. That is the most important thing you can do to be ready.

29th Remember that the statistics on the position of playing. All statistics to the receiver often usual star outfielders or first basemen. The key is to make the best position of figures.

30th A trade work for the two teams. Not a ridiculous offer, and I hope that you bamboozle the other managers. It will be open to her profession later in the season, when you bring the legitimate offers to him, even if it is not the first offer.

31st Baseball Watch Tonight! Cut the woman on your winnings, and they do not press hard when you watch it, every night ... Be.

32nd Get ESPN Baseball Extra Innings package. Incidentally, if you live in the East, hear nothing, as the wine Scully on local TV Dodgers. There are many recommendations in the imagination.

33rd Make sure not only the statistics, but moves lineup. Lineup movements can be of importance to the statistics of your players deliver, especially when it comes to the RBI.

34th In a league to move daily, check the line to see what your players Krug face. For lefties against right-mugs, and vice versa. The lefty-righty analysis at the level of the league's most critically, and it is therefore important to fantasy baseball success.

35th Stay in touch with the wounds. An injured player must nothing good in your statement.

36th A project being over. If everyone has a race to save the jugs, collect a DH. It is likely that more value.

37th Playing in the Champions League, where the operators have a story to remain involved. A league is not funny if you are not active participants managers who have renounced.

38th Playing in a league with prices in silver for at least the first four paver. It allows the players to keep active.

39th In September collect the prospects of the teams who are outside of it. This is their chance to show what they are for the next season.

40th If your league playoffs, remember the adage: There is no future. If you do not have a player for next season, after the collapse of a pitcher that he is his last trip. It is no longer of interest to you differently.

41st In traditional statistics Roto leagues, certain statistics are not important. For example, strikeouts are a rapper not mean Jack. An out is in fact a kind of do not have to worry about collecting Adam Dunn.

42nd Search more pics sleeper beginning in the 16th Round. A sleep is not secure.

43rd Be particularly careful of who his team closer to the teams, where the body is, the Congress offered. You can use a large quantity of rounds later, in this sense, to know, will be closed.

44th From mugs are rare first round. Then, it is Johan Santana and Jake Peavy. Préfèrent load the luggage on the Rappers in the first five rounds, then load up the majority of departure pitching staff.

45th Avoid the young people in the mugs in the first round. They are simply too risky, and topics in arm trouble.

46th Consider three years on the development of the players. D'further back is not necessary.

47th Playing in a league with old friends. It is an excellent way to stay in touch.

48th If it is a pretty unique girls in your league, get to know better. It is almost certainly a keeper.

49th Support for customers to sites such as Fantasy Baseball Dugout. The areas like these, the free fantasy baseball recommendations only to survive because the revenue from advertising.

50th When you play a game without screaming, a player: "Hey Ryan, you are my fantasy baseball team!" Do you really think that because fout? Ives a hoot?


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