Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Beyonce Music Videos

Beyonce is known for her upbeat music and unique style which definitely shines through in her music videos. She was initially a part of Destiny’s Child which was immensely popular and released videos like Survivor , 8 days of Christmas , Lose my Breath and Say My Name among others. Soon after they broke up, Beyonce began her solo career which was widely appreciated. Her first video as a solo artist was Crazy in Love which was an instant hit.

Other famous videos include Beautiful Liar which featured another popular singer as well. This video proved that Beyonce could not only sing beautifully but also dance as well. She made belly dancing seem easy and inspired young children to take up the dance form as well.

Beyonce is known to incorporate fashion into her videos on a frequent basis. A minute into the video of Single Ladies proves this point. The black and white background definitely complements her flexible moves and the simple outfits enhance the elegance of the entire video. During a recent talk show, Beyonce confirmed that she was inspired by Bob Fosse and used his style to create the entire look of the video. She said she saw the choreographer’s video on a popular video website which helped her to create the moves and vibe of the music video.

A large number of Beyonce’s videos feature Jay Z including Crazy in Love , Déjà vu and Bonnie and Clyde . The duo received a nomination during the Grammy awards as well. The fact that her albums are a success definitely contributes towards the success of her music videos as well. Due to these reasons, Beyonce has come to be known as one of the most popular and marketable artists in the industry today. Apart from music, Beyonce has also tried her hand in movies and product endorsements. Her first film was Carmen: A Hip Hopera in 2001 and 5 years later, she bagged the lead role in Dreamgirls and went on to win two nominations during the Golden Globe awards. To top it all, she also own a fashion line House of Dereon which was launched in 2004.

As a Beyonce fan, the good news is that her videos are not only easily available but can also be watched for free. This is made possible with the help of websites like YouTube. One can also download her videos with the help of iTunes and Torrent. Recently, she announced a $250000 prize for a fan who could come up with a music video inspired by Single Ladies which would then be shown during her tour.

Keeping in mind her acting career, endorsements and of course her widely popular music videos, Beyonce is definitely on her way to become a legend. She has become a household name and VH1 features at least one Beyonce video on a daily basis. Her tours have always been sold out and have been immensely successful. The best part about her videos is that they are not based on a particular storyline like other music videos. They are simple and focus primarily on dancing and having fun.

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